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Beluga Wallet

Price €25.00

The most simple and most perfect wallet, made of one piece of cowhide, for all those who love special forms and simplicity. It can easily fit all your important cards, folded banknotes and even some of your coins. It is a perfect wallet even for the light summer clothing time, as it fits everywhere and always.

Dimensions: 8 x 11,5 cm

Danube Card Case

Price €45.00

A classical card holder decorated with Danube waves, having on both sides 2 card slots, in the middle with a larger compartment for even more cards, or paper money. Good for everyday-use if you do not like classical wallets, but still would like to have all important things nearby. Handmade of cowhide and handsewn.

Dimensions: 10,5 x 8 cm

Sparrow Wallet

Price €50.00

The smallest-largest wallet, which is barely bigger then a card, though offering plenty of space. It has two larger compartments and one slot. It can fit easily 6-8 cards, folded banknotes and some coins as well. Due to clasp cover nothing fells out. Handmade of cowhide and handsewn with linen thread.

Dimensions: 10 x 7 cm