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5005Leather goods are created in the heart of the Rye Island in a workshop flavoured with the wonderfull smell of leather. The aim of the one man manufactory, existing since almost 10 years is to create leather goods of timeless design and quality, which will accompany you during a life time. All work done is hand-work , made with hand tools,sewing included. It is a time consuming process requesting attention and professional skills.All goods are made of a natural material, mostly of cowhide however the lining is usually pig- or goatskin origin. The linen thread is used for the hand sewing, in order to extend the durability of the product for eternal. 

The Leather

Genuine leather is a natural product existing since thousands of years and it is timeless. Thank to it´s soft touch, natural flavour and eternal durability, all products made of leather are timeless and will make you feel special. As there are cramps on a tree, the cowhide has it´s wounds as well, which occure during the lifetime of the animal. We, human beings, do have these sort of „defects” too. However these defects are those, which make us unique. All of our goods are made of the upper part of the cowhide, facing the fur. This is the most valuable part of the cowhide which has a unique texture. All products are treated with a home made beewax, which softens and moisturizes the leather, making it also partly water resistant. The new leather products might appear rather tough for the first moment, however it is the same as with leather shoes, after a while they will become softer, and the colour more intense. From time to time it makes sense to treat all products with colorless beewax in order to avoid crack and drying out. If any of the goods gets in contact with a coloured, gluey fluid it penetrates into the pores and unfortunately cannot be removed any more.